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Credit Karma


Kikkoman wanted to go beyond Japanese fare and let the industry know Soy Sauce brings out the flavor of all kinds of foods. This B2B campaign (print ads, brochures and sales sheets) let food developers, menu creators and restaurant owners around the nation get their creative juices flowing. (Art Director)

San Francisco Zoo

The San Francisco Zoo had a shiny new resident: Antoine LeBlanc. Our job was to get the word out and get ticket sales up. Renowned illustrator J. Otto contributed the dynamic type and visuals.

Free fun party fact: Antoine had to be lathered with sunscreen before going outside. (Art Director)


Coconut water is booming. But it’s tough for a new player to get heard. So we skipped the mainstream and zeroed in on shared values with a core of soon-to-be loyalists. From ground zero we identified the target, developed strategy and built the brand story. We launched at trade shows and in-store, handed over a brand roadmap to the in-house team and had a heck of a good time doing it. (Creative Director) AD: Ben Bellayuto, CW: Todd Norem

Nature Made Vitamelts

How do you launch a new category of vitamins that taste great and melt in your mouth? With a virtual experience iAd of course.

Users submitted a selfie of their tongue for a “flavor fortune reading” and got a specific VitaMelt recommendation. People could share their readings–and their tongues–via Twitter.

The promotion exceeded Apple’s engagement benchmark by 140% and resulted in almost 50,000 location-aware searches for product availability. It also led to several severe addictions in our creative department. (Creative Director) AD: Tonya Merke CW: Josslyn Mikow

Kashi Protein

During the recession, premium cereal brands were losing share to bargain store brands. So Kashi broke through by surprising consumers with news of more value in an unexpected way: More protein. We produced TV and print, even a print insert. As lead agency we also gave input to Kashi’s digital, PR and shopper marketing agencies.

At the end of the campaign Kashi sales were up 22%.


Ravenswood wanted to make sure everyone knew they stood for big bold flavor. With a limited production budget (zero) we were still able to get the point across. (Art Director)

Kashi Trial Event

Kashi was out to prove health food could taste good. So we came up with a challenge: if consumers didn’t like Kashi granola bars then Kashi’s food developer would eat the cardboard box they come in. To make sure all touch points of The Cardboard Showdown were consistent we produced TV, website, word of mouth videos, email blasts, the sample mailer and in-store messaging. Kashi had its highest sales and shares of granola bars during the time this campaign ran.

Girl Scouts of Northern California

The Girl Scouts had a problem. They were too ‘nice’.

The Northern California chapter needed to change their image to reflect who they are in today’s world. And in true non-profit form, they had zero budget. The creative had to be good enough to get a director and photographer to sign on pro bono. And cool enough to get girls to sign up in spite of those uniforms. (Art Director)

Harvest Snaps

An oversaturated category. A snack made of dried up peas. A ‘healthier’ message wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, we went with a healthy dose of off-kilter personality, driving intrigue and building affinity with the trend-seeking set. We partnered with Transistor Studios /NY for the animation.

Our client liked how the communication focused on Snapea crisps and gave them a personality all their own. (Art Director, Creative Director)