Credit Karma

In-house Creative Director, leading a team of designers, writers and agency partners.

Get Knowing Campaign Launch Credit Karma needed to share their mission: To make financial progress possible for everyone. With the help of our agency partners, “Get knowing.” was born. TV spots leveraged humor with facts. Social post were created in-house to integrate the mythological creatures. They were a perfect way to catch attention and give information in an engaging way.

Get Knowing Social Facebook is great way to target precise demographics. We leveraged regions, lifestyles and even people with auto loans to make targeted social videos.

Get Knowing Pre-roll We let youtube and hulu viewers know that checking credit scores often will never hurt it. Guess which one performed best :30, :15, :06

New Product: Tax Facebook videos and animations created in-house to introduce our newest product: Tax Filing.

Email Our friendly, encouraging and informative tonality got higher than average open rates and click through.

Direct Dispute Social Credit Karma developed a tool that helps someone dispute a faulty charge on their credit report. Unfortunately, no one knows what “Direct Dispute” is. These social videos help explain it.